Hack ADSL and Dial Up Password

Hack NTC ADSL and Dial Up Password

I will teach an interesting way to hack NTC ADSL and Dial Up Password.This may be interesting and Useful to You.Hacking these password will allow you to acess Internet for free.


Hacking NTC Dial up password is a hit and trial method.Just you need one dial up username and with this you will be able to acess to hundreds of dialup usename and password.If you have a Dial up username NTC1744 you will notice that the password is also NTC1744.It means the password and the username is the same.This may be known to you but the thing you dont know is that the NTC dial up and user name password is in the sequence which makes it easy to hack.It means if one Ntc username you know is ntc1744 then other username may be ntc1747 or ntc1748.If you get the username password is same.It means Try in the sequence and You will surely explore many passwords and username for many NTC Dial up accounts.


Adsl is newly established service in Nepal.It costs something and has got good speed comparing to Dial Up.It may costs something but It costs nothing to me and I will teach you too.First to use ADLS for free,you need to pay for the first month and if you get ADSL username and password with your friend or somewhere,you can use that to access free ADSL.You can suscribe for 128 kbps speed and even use 256 kbps with it.The thing you need is 256 Speed username and password.

To get or hack ADSL username and password,I have and idea.Usually the ADSL username and password is same,If the username is adsl21523551 the password is also the same ie adsl21523551.So there is a hit and trial method to get username or password.Type adsl(any phonenumber) in username and same in password eg adsl4484082 and try to connect.If it fails try other number.Try until you get connected.Using this method,i have been using ADSL for free from 2 months and I have 5 ADSL username and password with me.

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