Picture in a Blog Post is Important

Picture in a Blog Post is Important
Posting a Blog with a picture is very much important.This is because it helps in blogging in many ways.
Firstly picture makes blogs attractive which is one of the benefit for the bloggers to post a picture in a blog.There are some Hidden secrets too for adding pictures in a blog.
While adding a picture in blogger post,we can also add a alt tag to the pic.Alt tag means giving name to the pic.Giving this alt tag will help in search engine optimization.This is because,we add alt tag as a blog post title,it helps the blog to appear in search engines in a top position as compared to blogs having no Alt tags.
In other way,Images allow you to get more traffics from Images search like Google Images.So there is increase in visitors too if we add images.So I suggest to add an image in each post.

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