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Posted: 29 Apr 2011 06:45 AM PDT

I am very much addicted to YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter and blogs, well others may be addicted to many different sites of their interests. If you are a worker or an online entrepreneur, this can be an even bigger problem, because it will decrease your productivity and possibly your bottom line. You keep telling yourself you have to get started on your work instead of visiting these sites, but every time you sit down at your desk and open your laptop, you keep getting distracted.

How to solve the problem? I believe that the most efficient way is to stop, think, and try to become more disciplined over time. If that is not working, however, you can try KeepMeOut.com.

KeepMeOut creates custom, timed bookmarks that give it to you straight when you're visiting a site too frequently. What you need to do is just add the URL of the site that is consuming your time, and then the service will provide you with another URL that you should use to access the service (You should bookmark it and always use it). If you try to access the site more than once within a specific time interval, say 60 minutes, they service will block you and remind that you should wait some time before you can go there again.

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