How To View All Of Your Likes On The Facebook???

Posted: 14 May 2011 03:59 AM PDT

Liking stuff on Facebook is one of the easiest ways of expressing your approval for these causes or concepts that truly strike a chord with you. You can Like any page, product or website which has a Like button on it. It will be shared among your friends instantly letting them know that you like a specific page or product. Do you want to get 1000's of Real Likes For Your FB Pages??

That is where a service such as LikeJournal comes in. It is a true organizer for Facebook likes. LikeJournal is a service which can organize all your likes as social bookmarks so that you can search and browse all the Facebook Likes easily. Using LikeJournal is very easy. You don't have to signup for the service, just login with your Facebook Account and start using the service. By granting the application access to your Facebook account, it will retrieve all these things that you have liked and then present them to you in an ordered fashion. You will be able to see all that you have liked in the past, and (this is actually very interesting) you will even be able to share what you have liked with your friends, in the same way one would actually share a link.

How it works?
  • When you log into LikeJournal, your Likes from Facebook are pulled in and indexed so you can browse and search them through the extension or LikeJournal website.

  • When you click a Like Button while browsing, LikeJournal tracks that for you too!

  • Find yourself on a website without a Like Button? Click the LikeJournal toolbar button to get a Like button for any website you're on!
Visit website Here

Source: LikeJournal.com

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Attribute Changer : A tool That Changes The Files And Folders Attributes

Posted: 13 May 2011 07:17 PM PDT

As the name suggests, Attribute Changer allows you to change all kind of file and folder attributes like date, time and even NTFS compression. Its seamless integration into Windows makes it a good choice for users who frequently need to make these types of changes.

Attribute Changer acts as a Windows shell extension and simplifies changing file and folder attributes by adding itself to the context menus for drives, folders and files. Filters and exceptions can be used to fine tune the update process.

Once installed, the program is accessed by right-clicking on the file or folder in question. From there, the program opens, with its functions organized into tabs for folder properties, file properties, reporting, and settings. The program allows users to change the file type (hidden, compressed, read-only, and so on) and adjust date and time stamps. Although the built-in Help file does an adequate job of explaining the program's features, it's definitely not geared toward novices; the program and Help file both assume that users will have some experience with changing attributes and will know the hows and whys of doing so. For example, the Help file warns users "Be careful in changing the System and Hidden attributes. They are used by the Windows operating system to flag special folders." If you don't already know what you're doing, Attribute Changer isn't going to explain it for you. But if you are used to working with attributes, Attribute Changer is an accessible, easy way to quickly make the desired changes.

Attribute Changer is free to try, but there was no indication of whether there are trial limitations. The program installs and uninstall without issues. We recommend this program to intermediate and advanced users.

Download Attribute Changer from Here

Source: petges.lu

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