How to lock folder without software

This is not a great deal to lock a folder without using any software and you can create your one by yourself. You can creater a free and easy locker right now and it is really easy to use and make it.
First step to do this. Download this text File
Now in the text file Edit the text Mobinepal with the password you would like to set for your locker.
Now copy all the text from this file and then paste in a notepad and save the notepad file as locker.bat
Now double click the locker.bat file, then it will create a new locker folder.
Keep all your files in the locker folder and then again double click the locker.bat file and then if a message prompts press y and enter
Now your locker folder is hidden
To unhide, again double click locker.bat and enter password
This works in Windows xp but doesnot work in windows 7 and windows vista.

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