Download Dashain Ringtone

So Dashain is here and you might like to download the ringtone i.e the malshree dhun tone and set it as ringtone, if this is your idea then you can do it right now You can download it from any of the link
Link 1
Link 2
I have got a lots of plan for this dashain, so I can't just wait and write a post here. Hope you will enjoy the tone,

 Happy Dashain and If you would like to send Dashain sms to your friends then you can visit here,

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If in any case download fails then it is because your ISP blocks the download URL so you can download by copying the Download URL and browsing it through Proxy sites.

Mainly World Link ISP in Nepal Blocks this Download URL

I have no idea if download fails because of any other reason. I have checked the link and for now it works Fine...

Happy Dashain Again..

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