Blackburn Rovers Vs Manchester United Game Results and Highlights Dec 31 2011

So all the Manchester United Fan there, we have a Bad news for all you. The game results has been

Manchester United: 2-3 Blackburn

First goal was scored as a penalty shot as Berbatov gave a penalty shot and Yakubu scored to give a 1-0 lead to Blackburn Rovers.

Later on second half on 51st minute, Yakubu Scores again to provide Blackburn a 2-0 Lead.

One minutes after the goal, Berbatov socres a header to chase the lead. 2-1 the score now.

Again in 61st minute Bervatov finds an equalizer. The score is now 2-2.

Hanley on 80th minutes finds the lead and provides Blackburn a 3-2 lead.

Later all the attempts from Man U Fails as they fail to get More Goals to equalize.

Final Score Remains 3-2 and Blackburn Wins.

This is the Game results of 31st Dec 2011.

You can Watch Highlights Here

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