Introducing New Nepali Sports Portal

There has been a lots of Football and Cricket News portal in Nepal, but you barely find a proper updated news portal that gives you the information only about spots, however, your wait is now over as Nepal Sports online has been launched and it gives you the proper news on sports.

Nepal Sports online has been established by a bunch of sports enthusiastic persons that have been dedicating their lives for Nepali Sports,

Nepal Sports online included the news from Nepali Cricket, Nepali Football, Nepali Volleyball, martial arts like Karate and Tekwando and many more.

In its recent phase, NSO has already done a survey of who are the most popular sports faces of Nepal and the result was Paras Khadka, the survey of what sports is popular in Nepal and it was Football ahead of Cricket.

So keep following Nepal Sports online and enjoy the sports news from the nation.

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