Orange Tech Offers Cheap Website and Logo Design in Nepal

There are different IT companies in Nepal that makes the market very competitive. In order to show the presence in such a competitive market, Orange Tech has stood different from the crowd to offer cheap logo and website designing in Nepal.

According to the website, Orange tech provides an affordable website designing that is specially focused to target the business that needs their internet presence but could not due to small budget.

There are four packages described in Orange tech Website Design, one of which remains an started package where they can choose from a wide range of options. Although it would not be a responsive design, you can get 8 pages design, very attractive at a price of 10,000 Nepalese rupees, equivalent to 100$ USD.

Beside Orange Tech has partnered with free image hosting site in order to show their presence in the internet. The free image hosting site helps to provide a platform where you can upload and share your images with your friends. You do not need a secure high performance server to upload the image. Img up handles everything.

This is the reason why this website stands far ahead of other websites. There are different images hosted at reddit and some times they are even pinned at the home page, despite the server remains live and the web server could handle such huge request.

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