Alexa Ranking Factors

Alexa Webpage Ranking Factors

alexa ranking factors
I have collected some ranking factors for Alexa.May be this is not true but this is according to survey in many of the sites.Alexa ranks websites and many people check theirking alexa ranking and here are some ranking factors of alexa.Check out how alexa ranks websites.
  • Alexa usually ranks websites by the number of visitors to their sites i.e number of visitor is proportional to alexa ranking.More the visitors,more is the alexa ranking.
  • Alexa also Checks inlinks for the websites to rank them.More is the backlink more is alexa ranking.
  • Alexa also looks for search engine reputation to rank the websites.Good is the ranking in search engine,good is alexa ranking.
  • Alexa also checks for the site reviews in alexa for their rankings.
  • Alexa also checks how much is the site searched in alexa for their rankings.

There are also some ways to increase alexa ranking.You can increase alexa rankings by downloading the alexa tool bar and visiting your website with the help of tool bar.You can also increase alexa ranking by leaving backlinks to many other sites or you can pay something to to get good alexa ranking


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