Increase Number of Views of Your Youtube Video

This is a trick on how to increase Youtube Videos number of views.Number of views palys a great role which may be not known to you.Number of views determines how popular is the video.More is the view,more is the video popular and more Popular is the video,more chances of it to appear in related video lists or suggestion lists which further increase the video views and makes it more popular.So there is a question how to increase the views at initial stages?Here is a great idea to increase your youtube video view.
There is a good way to increase video views.This can be done with the help of traffic exchange program and one of them is easyhits4u.Easyhits4u is traffic exchange program.You view others website and get credits for that.This credit can be used to drive traffic to your own web page.So if you assign your youtube video URL as your web page than your video views will increase.

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