How To Start Blogging

This may be a simple question.How to start blogging?Blogging is very easy to start.There are many Websites that provides a service to start a new blog.For blogging just you need to do is think a new name for your blog and start registering.You can start blogging from any website that provides te service but I suggest you either to use Blogger or Wordpress.I suggested this because these are very simple to use to anyone and ads free.This costs nothing to start and use.So I suggest any of the two.Comparing these two is little tougher because both of them are easy to use and ads free.In addition to these,blogger and wordpress blogs are search engine friendly.So these can be easily available in higher position in search engines.This will be a plus point for blog owner to promote the blog.
To choose a blog host between blogger and wordpress,anyone can be choosen as both are relaible.But as per my personal view,I would prefer blogger as a starter blogger.

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