My Views on Bloggin

My views on Blogging

Blogging is my interest and I am onto it.Blogging is not any kind of business.It is just an interest.It can be a good medium to help others by just adding informations that others are searching in the web.So blogging should never be calculated as a profession as money making idea but secondly it can generate some money too by earning from blogs but this should be secondary.Blogging always should be done with an interest but not with a target to make money.
Blogger always gets success when he is able to write geninue informations in post.Copying from other websites may not be an idea for success.So a blogger must write by himself in order to be a successful blogger.
Now a days blogging has been polluted by an evil thinking that blogging generates money.This is good but some people just make blog add an adsense code and then forget about it.This is just spamming but not blogging.

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