FlipTwits : A Website That Flips Text for Twitter

Posted: 22 Apr 2011 11:52 PM PDT

How to write upside down on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, YouTube, Blogs, Forums. Type in your text and and just see the result with this website called "fliptwits.com". It's cool! It is specially designed for maintaining flip texts for tweeting. You can copy your flipped text and paste it anywhere you want. This text effect can be used almost anywhere.

To flip text simply enter it the first box. Your words will be flipped upside down in the second box. click on "Send Flip Tweet" button below. The service will ask you for the Twitter login (safe to provide). Enter the information and click Allow. Your tweet will be published on your account flipped upside down.

Visit The Website Here 

Source: FlipTwits.com

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