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Nepali Web Site Featured in an International Publication

Posted: 25 May 2011 09:37 PM PDT

A website designed by Nepali Web Designer Swapnil Acharya was featured in an International Publication called "The Web Designer's Idea Book" among other designs from across the world. Written by Patrick McNeil, Book was published by How Publishing, Cincinatti USA in 2010.

Website CUCWeb.org (website now offline, though), design of Acharya has web designbeen featured in this book. And possibly it's the highest recognition a Nepali web design work has received so far. It again proves that, there are potential web designers in Nepal, who designs visually appealing websites. Further more its an honor for us that one website, from a small market of a small country, stands tall and proud together with almost best name in the industry around the globe.

Not only this, the same website has been also featured in other various prestigious websites like CSSMania.com, 101BestWebsites.com, OnePageLove.com  etc.  Acharya's same design has been also featured in book titled "Web Typography" by Viviana Cordova, published by Princeton Architectural Press which will be out in June 2011.

Acharya's designs was featured in the book under "Successful Social Media Integration" theme. Author McNeil considered CUCWeb.org as "...a bold and courageous move to make social media, ie. Twitter, the main source of information for visitors. There is very little content the website has to offer, but relies on frequently updated twitter feed featured prominently in the website…"

thewebdesignerbookWeb Designer Swapnil Acharya first won the title award "WAVE Web Winner" awarded by WAVE magazine of Himalmedia in 2006. Since then, his works have been featured in numerous website galleries across the world. Recently, he has been busy with websites like "Hamro Team" (hamroteam.org.np), NRN Conference Moscow 2011 and Binod Chaudhary's personal blog. Besides this, he is a creative head at Karobar Daily.

After his design being featured in this book, Swapnil says it's not just him who should feel proud, this is an honor for all of us Nepali people. In his blog he writes, "However, I believe that it's not just me who should feel extremely happy and proud. I mean, this is an honor for all of us (all Nepali people) that one website, from such a small market of such a small country, stands tall and proud together with almost best known names in the industry …"

Though website is offline, we have got the screenshot of CUCWeb.org . Hope it will be online anytime soon. Congratulations and Best Wishes to Swapnil.


Images via: Swapnil


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