How To Disable VLC Building Font Cache Problem??

Posted: 26 May 2011 12:10 AM PDT

Whenever you try to play media file, a "Building Font Cache" dialog box is shown by VLC which turns out to be annoying for everyone. VLC only rebuilds font cache file to display subtitles in videos. Let us take a look at how to disable Building font Cache dialog of VLC Player.

How To Disable Building Font Cache dialog?
1.Open VLC Player, From Tools Menu click Preferences,

2. On the left pane at the bottom, select All as option to show under "Show Settings".

3.Now expand Video entry on the left pane and select "Subtitles/OSD" option under it.

4. On the right pane, for Text rendering module choose "Dummy font rendering functions" and click Save.

5.Re-open VLC player try to play file/stream with subtitles, annoying Building Font Cache dialog won't appears anymore.

That's It! Enjoy!

Source: forum.videolan.org

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