English Premier League Football Fixture Indian Time

If you are in India and you want to see the game i.e the premier league game and you are confused of the time then let me make you clear on how to calculate the time difference. Since it is impossible to post every fixture every day updated in Indian time for me, I better will let you guys know how to calculate the time the game will be shown in India. So you would better know how to convert and you can start converting yourself.

The time difference between time shown in Premierleague.com and Indian Time is 5 and half hours. Means that if a game is to start in 3 PM then the game will start in 8.30 Indian time. This way you can calculate time. Just add 5 and half hours and you will get the time.

So now you can go to premier league site to get the fixture and convert the time into India Time just by adding 5 and half hours to the time given in the official premier league time. Suppose Chelsea Liverpool game starts in 6 PM as shown in the site, Then the match will start in 11.30 Indian Time.

This way you can convert all time in India Fixture time.

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