New galaxy s2 2012 Version

There had been lots of rumor that Samsung will launch its new Galaxy SII or S2 mobile in 2012. May be this will be true but for now we have no idea if this is true or not. I have heard that here in Nepal, new Galaxy s2 phone is about to launch. The price of this mobile phone might be 60,000 Nepali rupees while the price of the older version was just 54,000 Nepalese rupees. The authorized dealer of Samsung in Nepal has organised a press release to notify the release of new S2 mobile in Nepali market after its huge success with old version of S2 phone. The old version of S2 had facilities like dual core processor, better sensor and 8 mega pixel camera while it is said that the updated version will have new android OS and better improvements.
samsung Galaxy s2
I hope that this mobile will get a good market value. Click here to watch its video


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